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    • self learning logic for night and day conditions based on user habits;
    • optimal regulation with steady state and partial load management by modulating devices;
    • ultimate algorithms for dynamic setpoint, defrost detect and smart implementation.


    • industry benchmark reduced Pull Down and Half Reload timings;
    • stability control to ensure constantly optimal product temperature;
    • advanced defrost detection to work always at optimal conditions.


    • advanced DC inverter compressor management with EEV synchronisation and protections;
    • no need of voltage stabiliser with DC inverter and extended input voltage range;
    • smooth operation with reduced vibrations for lower mechanical stress.

    New connectivity and usability

    • easily customisable user interface with a completely upgraded design;
    • integrated wireless connectivity, both NFC and Bluetooth, for interaction with mobile devices and access to all the information and reference documents, always updated on available on the cloud. 
  • ลักษณะทั่วไป

    Heez is CAREL’s new solution for the control and management of beverage coolers, guaranteeing high energy efficiency and incredible performance while reducing environmental impact.

    For the very first time, the refrigerated merchandiser segment can take advantage from the integration of innovative CAREL technologies such as variable capacity rotary compressors (DC inverter), electronic expansion valve and variable speed fans. Compared to traditional systems, the beverage coolers equipped with CAREL solutions efficiently vary their cooling capacity so as to adapt to instant requirements, guaranteeing higher reliability and stability, lower noise and more compact dimensions.

    Heez also features extended connectivity options, enabling data acquisition and analysis for enhanced management and operation of beverage coolers.
    IoT and data analytics make it possible to both adopt digital marketing strategies and improve service, for example by implementing preventive management actions.




  • Application Note
    รหัส คำอธิบาย ภาษา วันที่ Release
    รหัส +4000067IT
    คำอธิบาย Heez per beverage coolers Efficienza e performance testate presso Re/genT
    ภาษา ITA 
    วันที่ 13/03/2018
    Release 1.0
    รหัส +4000067EN
    คำอธิบาย Heez for beverage coolers Efficiency and performance tested by Re/genT
    ภาษา ENG 
    วันที่ 13/03/2018
    Release 1.0
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    รหัส คำอธิบาย ภาษา วันที่ Release
    รหัส +3000134EN - Drinktec
    คำอธิบาย On Show - Drinktec
    ภาษา ENG 
    วันที่ 08/09/2017
    Release 1.0
    รหัส +3000106EN - Euroshop
    คำอธิบาย On Show - Euroshop 2017
    ภาษา ENG 
    วันที่ 05/03/2017
    Release 3.0
    รหัส +3000106PL - Euroshop
    คำอธิบาย ON SHOW - Euroshop
    ภาษา POL 
    วันที่ 05/03/2017
    Release 3.0