Humidification integrated within the machinery

Relative humidity control is a very important issue in the printing, speciality papers and packaging industries.
First, it is critical that the material being processed is in equilibrium with the environment and contains the correct moisture content, usually between 5-8 g/kg with 50-60% RH in the environment, to ensure that it is processable and free of defects.
It is often the case, however, that the relative humidity of the air inside the machines is much lower than in the rest of the environment, leading to electrostatic phenomena such as paper jamming and printing defects (reverse printing, ink mist, etc). This can occur due to localised temperature rises caused by thermal loads generated by rapidly moving motors or parts. 
In addition, after the drying or curing stages that exist inside printing presses, coating machines, or bonding machines, the material has a very low moisture content and needs rapid replenishment before packaging to ensure the stability of the product and its performance once it returns to equilibrium with an environment having a standard relative humidity level (50%RH at 23°C).
CAREL's range of isothermal humidifiers allows localised steam production and distribution from 1 to 450 kg/h per individual unit, with different types of power supply (electric or gas) and using demineralised water to minimise routine maintenance.

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Digital printing technologies like thermal inkjet or laser printing are very sensitive to electrostatic issues. By using adiabatic humidifiers, the correct relative humidity level is maintained and thermal loads are balanced through evaporative cooling, thus improving unit performance and reducing routine maintenance (nozzle fouling, uncontrolled electrostatic adhesion of toner or ink). 

CAREL humiSonic compact is the compact adiabatic ultrasonic humidifier designed to be incorporated into the machine.

droplet size is just 1 micron: instant absorption.

power consumption compared to steam humidifiers: a saving of 90%.

guaranteed operating hours, for unprecedented reliability.



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