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A CAREL webinar game on heat pumps


A CAREL webinar game on heat pumps

A CAREL webinar game on heat pumps

On 30 January 2024 at 9:00 (CET), CAREL will be hosting a free webinar in the form of a fun quiz, whose main topics will be the current technologies and policies regarding the heat pump market. The event is organised by the CAREL Knowledge Center and offers prizes for the top 3 “players”, i.e. the true heat pump experts of 2024!

The aim of the event is to share essential information for understanding this key decarbonisation technology, using the knowledge CAREL has acquired in its many years of experience in the sector. The popularity of heat pumps has grown in recent years, as this technology represents the ideal alternative to fossil fuel boilers for heating, providing high-efficiency heating and cooling using electricity, and therefore drastically reducing CO2 emissions - almost to zero when using renewable energy sources. The CAREL event aims to provide a large amount of theoretical information, as well as an overview of the current technologies available to optimise energy savings and develop systems with the lowest total CO2 emissions.

At the end of the event, all participants will have exclusive access to the white paper entitled “Heat pumps: technologies, regulations and trends”, a compendium that describes the current scenario and facilitates understanding of the latest opportunities and challenges for the heat pump market.

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