Level sensor

Level sensor
Level sensor Level sensor
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    This level sensor measures the amount of refrigerant in heat exchangers. When there is a change in level, the fl oat, fi tted with a magnet, slides on a vertical rod and magnetically activates an electrical contact on the rod, providing a resistive output signal that is proportional to the level measured.
    The output must be connected to a Carel electronic controller confi gured for this function.
    The amount of fluid can be determined based on the resistance measurement.
    The sensoris made from stainless steel, and therefore can resist extreme conditions where compatible with this material.




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    คำอธิบาย Il sensore di livello (a galleggiante per liquidi refrigeranti) / Level sensor (float for liquid refrigerants) / Le capteur de niveau (flotteur pour liquides de refroidissement) /Füllstandsensor (Schwimmer für Kältemittel) / El sensor de nivel (de flotador para líquidos refrigerantes)
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    วันที่ 28/06/2019
    Release 1.7