4 to 20 mA - SPKT*C*

4 to 20 mA - SPKT*C*
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    These pressure transducers provide a standard analogue current signal (4 to 20 mA).
    They are used mainly in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications to measure the pressure in the refrigerant circuits, however their high performance
    also makes them ideal for many other applications. These probes can also be used in refrigerant circuits containing ammonia.



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    คำอธิบาย 'Sondes et capteurs / Fühler und Sensoren Guide pour le choix et l'installation optimale Auswahl- und Installationshilfe
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    คำอธิบาย Sonde e sensori / Probes and sensors Guida alla scelta e all'installazione ottimale Selection and optimal installation guide
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    คำอธิบาย Sensor pressure transducer
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