Differential pressure - SPKD

Differential pressure - SPKD
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    The differential pressure transducer uses a new ceramic sensor. It provides a voltage or current signal that is calibrated and compensated according to the temperature. It is ideal for measuring low pressure values in air-conditioning systems, rooms, laboratories and clean rooms (air and non-corrosive gases).
    Its main features are:

    • compact construction;
    • easy installation thanks to the built-in mounting bracket;
    • cover that is fitted on using one screw only.



  • 2D/3D drawings
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    รหัส 2d-3d SPKD00_U_C.STEP
    คำอธิบาย 2D-3D drawings
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    วันที่ 29/09/2023
    Release R0
  • Quick Guide
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    คำอธิบาย 'Sondes et capteurs / Fühler und Sensoren Guide pour le choix et l'installation optimale Auswahl- und Installationshilfe
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    วันที่ 25/06/2021
    Release 1.2
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    คำอธิบาย Sonde e sensori / Probes and sensors Guida alla scelta e all'installazione ottimale Selection and optimal installation guide
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    วันที่ 25/06/2021
    Release 1.2
  • Technical Leaflets
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    คำอธิบาย SPKD00*5N0 Trasmettitori di pressione differenziale ⁄ pressure and differential pressure transmitter ⁄ Convertisseur de pression et de pression differentielle ⁄ Druck- und Differenzdruckmessumformer ⁄ Transmisores de presión y de presión diferencial
    ภาษา ENG  FRE  GER  ITA  SPA 
    วันที่ 31/03/2021
    Release 2.2


  • Other related documentation
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    คำอธิบาย Soluzioni per Unità Trattamento Aria: Tecnologia e competenza per la qualità dell’aria e il risparmio energetico
    ภาษา ITA 
    วันที่ 05/04/2023
    Release 1.2


  • High resolution images
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    รหัส PH11LSP301-SPKD-differential-pressure
    คำอธิบาย CAREL Differential pressure SPKD - Sensor pressure transducer - Sensor and protection device
    ภาษา ALL 
    วันที่ 11/03/2022
    Release R.0