Every year, CAREL offers students and recent graduates internship opportunities, including the possibility to complete their theses. These initiatives are aimed at both secondary schools and universities: in the last year alone, at its Brugine headquarters the company hosted more than fifty interns, 50% of whom were undergraduates or recent graduates.

Internship at CAREL represents a valuable port of entry to employment, with interns participating in improvement projects and working alongside experienced colleagues. 
Our proposals are intended for young people who want to apply their academic knowledge in practice and continue their education by learning in a real work environment.

The people we seek have technical-engineering qualifications for placement in our design, operations, marketing and sales departments, and economics-humanities degrees for positions in administration and finance, and human resources.

To participate in internship at CAREL headquarters, candidates need to apply on the open positions  page of our website and complete the selection process.