Modulating units for electric heaters

Modulating units for electric heaters
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    Panels in the SSR series start out as add-on accessories for the Masteraria panels but can be also used as stand alone units. They allow the management of a three phase electrical load controlled by a 0 to 10 V modulating input signal.

    In combination with the MasterAria panels, they manage the electric heating coils that are part of the air handling unit. The MasterAria auxiliary power terminals directly supply the SSR panels (obviously taking into account the maximum output power from the MasterAria terminals in relation to the sizes of the supply and extraction fans). The MasterAria takes the role of the Main while the SSR is the Secondary.

    The terminal boards on both panels also have terminals labelled with letters to allow unequivocal, simple and rapid connection between the two electrical devices. The container is made from fibreglass with a single door, perfect for installations from -25 to 60 °C, very sturdy and impact resistant (IK10), glow wire 650 °C, IMQ CEI 23-48/23-49 and IMQ EN 62208 certifications.

    Each case is equipped with fans and grills for heat dissipation and its own wall installation kit with threaded holes already in place on the back. The main panel disconnect switch is located on the door, with front control using a yellow/red rotating handle.




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