Electrical panel for catering and hot display cases

Electrical panel for catering and hot display cases
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    CAREL offers a series of solutions for hot display cases (bain marie), retarders and blast chillers featuring a complete line of user terminals. The complete version including graphic display is capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding users who are always looking for innovative solutions.

    The wide range of products available satisfies all requirements, ensuring the end user a properly stored and high quality product. HACCP management is included on the latest generation instruments. This ensures temperature control of the food products stored, in compliance with HACCP guidelines. Parameters are set directly from the instrument. It is possible to set time and temperature limits required by food storage regulations. The controller automatically monitors the unit, highlighting any critical situations. The standard program allows complete management of the retarder or blast chiller, setting operating cycles, times and variable temperature and humidity set points.

    The retarder cabinet controller also includes an air humidity controller thanks to the wide range of CAREL humiSteamtype immersed electrode humidifiers. The blast chiller controller can manage the control temperature and "hot point" temperature separately, deciding which value to display and which to use to control the unit in the various conditions. Once the blast chiller cycle has begun, the controller implements the best strategy to bring the food product to the desired temperature within the set time limit.

    This solution ensures temperature control of the food product stored in compliance with HACCP guidelines, highlighting any critical situations regarding temperature and time limits. Parameters can be programmed directly on the instrument or via the supervisor system, if available.