High Efficiency Solutions

Can protecting the environment be reconciled with our industrialised society? Yes, today this is possible.
Indeed, this is the concept of sustainable development: improving the quality of the life, without overloading the supporting ecosystems that it depends on, now made possible by progresses in technology.
While until recently sustainable development was simply a desire, a cost and an obligation defined by legislators so as to bequeath a healthy planet to future generations, today it is the only plausible choice. Changing public awareness continues to focus on the more worthy companies, rewarding these with higher sales. 
A need has thus become an opportunity, a chance not to be missed to unite the need to develop products and services that save energy with the possibility to effectively reduce environmental impact.
To encourage sustainable development, many activities are underway as concerns both the environmental policies of individual nations and international organisations (above all the European Union), and specific research and development work.
Today, then, solutions to combat global warming and pollution, to live a sustainable existence, to make our cities more liveable and our factories more efficient and virtuous all exist: the technology is here.
CAREL has always developed and promoted evolved control systems, proposing innovative solutions in the HVAC/R sector. These are our "high efficiency solutions", a clear response for environmental protection through optimised and integrated control systems, capable of bringing significant energy savings and consequently reducing environmental impact.
These are new solutions for the market, yet the choices made are still in line with our tradition: we have always invested in R&D, right since we first started business, and we continued to do so despite the global recession.
These cutting-edge control solutions are now available, and their full potential is ready to be exploited, to achieve an effective competitive advantage on the world scene and be rewarded by the market.
Using CAREL "high efficiency solutions" today means doing something concrete to contribute to protecting the environment. It means looking to the future with confidence.