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    e-droset, in alternative to the Acqua terminal, is the flush mount user interface for the e-dronic system. Remotable to up to 30 m from the controller, it is compatible with the B-ticino and Vimar wall boxes. In alternative it can be flush mounted on the fan coil side itself. The compact dimension and the actractive design make the e-droset the prefered solution for office and residential installations.





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    รหัส คำอธิบาย ภาษา วันที่ * Release
    รหัส +050000670
    คำอธิบาย HYPA**3*** - e-droset, terminale ad incasso per e-drofan / e-droset, flush-mounted terminal for e-drofan
    ภาษา ENG  ITA 
    วันที่ 21/05/2009
    Release 1.1