Software solutions for Retail NA

Software solutions for Retail NA
  • ลักษณะทั่วไป

    • control of compressor suction pressure;
    • control of condensing pressure (compressor discharge);
    • possibility to manage up to 2 pCO boards via pLAN;
    • management, depending on the number of outputs available, of up to six compressors, with a maximum of three load steps (for a total of four outputs for each compressor), or alternatively up to 12 compressors without load steps and with one safety device for each compressor, and up to six condenser fans
    • variable condensing and evaporation pressure set points depending on the outside conditions (PGD0 only);
    • complete alarm management and saving to log;
    • time band settings with set point variation;
    • connection to supervisor/ telemaintenance serial line via analogue or GSM modem;
    • transmission of SMS messages to cellular phones.