Maturing room control solutions NA

Maturing room control solutions NA
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    Application program for the pCO series controllers that can manage the temperature and humidity control functions in salami, sausage, cheese and fruit maturing rooms.

    It manages the compressor, the maturing room fan, the electric heaters and modulating cold and hot water valves.
    This application also allows the control of an external humidifier by digital contact, and the opening of the outside damper.The application, as well as displaying and controlling the temperature and humidity values, also provides complete management of the alarms, of the maturing cycles and the daily inlet of fresh air, thanks to the installation of the optional clock board.




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    รหัส +030221310
    คำอธิบาย pCO Standard Cella di stagionatura
    ภาษา ITA 
    วันที่ 01/04/1999
    Release 1.5