Convenience Stores: optimisation and complete management of small footprint stores

convenience store

A complete solution... achieve efficiency
and prevent energy and food waste


This system has been designed to respond to the needs of the various different players involved in the application. From the maintenance company to the franchiser right through to the final customer with their specific needs. For each professional inside the company, the system offers vertical functions that optimise working times and maximise profits, by reducing the waste that is “hidden” to normal manual checks by technical personnel.


  Energy saving
 Food quality
 Low maintenance
 Analytical data and system optimisation
 Scalable solution
 Wide range of products


3d convenience store


Suitable for both retrofits and new stores

A value proposal based on just one system, designed to integrate and manage all the data generated by the different energy consuming areas of the store, and provide valuable information quickly and simply.




The CAREL solution